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Laboratory of Studies in History of Nursing (LAESHE) presents a history of engagement and partnerships since 2006, in History of Nursing reserach, between professors of the Department of Psychiatric Nursing and Human Sciences (DEPCH) of University of São Paulo College of Nursing at Ribeirão Preto (EERP-USP), in São Paulo State, Brazil and the Laboratory of Research in History of Nursing (LAPHE) from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro School of Nursing Alfredo Pinto (EEAP-UNIRIO), in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, integrated for research projects and extension activities, especially events dedicated to research in the History of Nursing.
The current research projects have as the main resource of documents the College of Nursing of Ribeirão Preto museum and the Central Archives of UNIRIO that contains the collection of the EEAP School.
The research products promote it, and at the same time, are built within the discipline of History of Nursing, on EERP-USP and EEAP-UNIRIO and especially in the Course of Cultural Diffusion "Introduction to Research Methodology in the History of Nursing" partnership of DEPCH and LAPHE, offered on EERP-USP, but with an period in Rio de Janeiro, for undergraduate students looking for awake vocations for Research in History and History of Nursing.
The scientific production of the LAESHE group has been presented in national and international journals and congress.
The Laboratory brings together researchers and undergraduate students in the areas of Nursing, Information Science and Documentation, especially scientific initiation students at the undergraduate level, Technical Training and volunteers.
Thus, the Laboratory of Studies in History of Nursing (LAESHE) stands for multidisciplinary dialogue between researchers in the fields of History, Nursing and related areas, enabling the exchange of experiences, ideologies and methodologies.