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Research lines

Nursing Development in Brazil

Objective: To allow the discussion of the historical process of professionalization of nursing in Brazil, supporting studies on the history of nursing, using the dialogue with knowledge of the humanities, particularly history, compare the construction process of the Brazilian Nursing with the other countries, to promote discussions on gender in the professionalization of nursing practice and knowledge of the institutions of education and health.

Studies on the Conduct, Ethics and the Production of Knowledge in Health

Objective: Analysis of human behavior and social representation in the health field. Surveys of attitudes and opinions of students, professional users and health care. Analysis of ethics, production and reproduction of knowledge and practice of nursing in the light of Human Sciences.

Image of Nursing and Social Marketing

Objective: To promote the discussion of the historical process of professional identity construction of nursing and its effect on society through historical studies or the combination of quantitative studies, using theories of communication, psychology for improving and updating the social image of the nursing profession in the society, specially high school students, who are the recruiting ground for all occupations through in-depth studies to enable structure marketing activities or even study about strategies of empowerment among the nursing staff.

History of Health Care and Nursing Schools

Objective: To promote studies on the historical trajectory of nursing schools and health institutions, as well as the great pleople who contributed to the construction of these stories. This line aims to give voice to characters unknown to the official history and build a more democratic history.