:: History NEPIEn ::

      The Center for Study and Research on Nursing Informatics was created in 1998 and registered in 2000 with the CNPq, in the Directory of Research Groups in Brazil. Since its creation, the central theme of research is the production of knowledge in the area of Computer Science in Nursing, based on research issues related to computational technology, aimed at improving the quality of clinical, managerial and educational practice. It includes projects that seek the development and evaluation of specific information systems that generate impacts and changes in the nurses' work process, as well as the construction, analysis and evaluation of virtual learning environments that allow different innovative teaching strategies for training and qualification professional.

     This Research Group is linked to the Organizational dynamics of health care and nursing Science and Technology in Nursing of the Postgraduate Nursing Fundamental Program of the Nursing School of Ribeirão Preto - USP.

      It is made up mostly of EERP-USP professors, nurses and other professionals who work in the health area, students and alumni of Graduate (Master´s and PhD´s) and undergraduate students involved in the theme.

Coordenator: Yolanda Dora Martinez Evora
Marta Cristiane Alves Pereira